You’re a new employer, with not a scooby do idea how to manage your new employees. But you know you want to get it right and set the standards as your business grows.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a resource you could tap into and take you through the steps needed to manage your employees.?

And wouldn’t be even better if it kept expanding for you to dip in to share leadership tips?

You want to feel confident that you are getting it right and feel you are on sound ground.

You want to be able to trust your employees to do the right thing and do a good job.

You want your customers to be happy with your business.

The “Success with Employees” online membership is much more than just a membership.

Online videos, workbooks and downloadable templates to develop and grow you and your employees and your business.

A support group to pop into and discuss issues and ask questions.

Then add into the mix, virtual live training to embed the online learning and opportunities to mix with others in the same boat.

If this is for you, why not register to find out more and get the introduction and first module on mindset?

The “Success with Employees” Membership is £500 annually or £50 per month for a year.

Live training will be fortnightly and will supplement the online videos to help embed your learning. Plus a weekly accountability call.

Initially, there are 7 modules to work through to get you up and running with your employees. New learning will be added regularly and will help you lead your business. My aim is to help you drive your business forward by tapping into your employees’ strengths and skills.

There will also be a safe community space where you can drop in and ask questions and share issues to get support.

As a small employer, it can feel very lonely leading your team and knowing someone has your back can make all the difference.

Want to explore whether this is the right option for you, then book a call here

Here is the roadmap to your success.